What is managed print solution?

Are you still using desktop printers with no service agreement? Still shopping for the best place to purchase your toner, and don’t know who to call when the printer keeps jamming, replacing drum units to remove the black smudge on the page only to find out that you should have replaced the fusing unit. Ever heard of false economies?

If you want to purchase a house you hire a solicitor, not feeling well you visit a doctor these are professionals experienced in their chosen field and you go to them because of their experience, so why are you still clearing jams from printers every couple of pages frustrating your staff and wasting time on issues that can be resolved when you hire a company that can provide you with a professional managed print solution.

With a managed print solution we take away all the headaches of who to call when the machine jams or the scanning function has stopped working or you just need toner, we take control of your printing, scanning, copying and document management solution freeing up your staff to allow them to concentrate on their core activities within your organisation and we do all this while also trying to save you money.

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