Do you know how much each printed page is costing your company?

Traditionally the lower the purchase price of the printer the more expensive it is to run, if it’s for home use printing the odd boarding pass or train timetable then it’s quite affordable, however take the same machine into an office environment and it suddenly becomes a huge expense, at Copy and Print we provide a free print audit service accessing your current equipment for suitability within the organisation, is it fit for purpose? Some areas we will investigate include reliability, work load, running costs, and quality of your existing service provider.

We will advise on areas that are in need of improvement which can be as simple as relocating a machine to another area within the organisation where it can be utilized to its maximum capabilities, or implementing print management software to track and trace print volumes within departments.

Our print audit service is available to you free of charge as part of our business so that we may help you become more effective in your business.